Silent Huge “UFO-Building” Shocked Woman In Alabama

This article was first published in the 1984 APRO Bulletin (Bulletin of the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization). Jim MacNeill contributed new illustrations.

The following example is the result of a tip that Bob Gribble of the Phenomena Research Hot Line gave to APRO. Field Investigator Ed O. Brown completed the follow-up survey. As requested, the names of some locations and witnesses have been changed to protect the identity of those involved.

Mrs. Pat Norris, 28, resided in a suburb of Mobile, Alabama with her husband Carl and three children. She went to visit a friend in Mobile that evening of February 3, 1983, and when the friend’s husband returned from work, Mrs. Norris left and returned to his home on Highway 90.

She heard an explosion as she exited the expressway. Her car began to vibrate at that point, making it difficult for her to drive. She turned off the road she was on, stopped the vehicle, opened the door and bent down to look for the source of the problem.

seen object
As Mrs. Norris continued, the vibration subsided. She made a U-turn on another road and noticed that the forest ahead of her was brightly lit.

Ilustração do avistamento baseada nos esboços originais do APRO Bulletin. Clique para ampliar. (Crédito: John MacNeill)

She was initially terrified because she believed there was a helicopter search underway as a result of the lights. Once again bringing the vehicle to a stop, she saw a large object about half a mile west of her.

She later reasoned that the earlier explosion she had heard was the result of the object falling into a nearby clay and gravel pit.

The object appeared to be approaching at a speed of four to five miles per hour and was massive, later estimated to be seven to eight stories (70 to 80 feet) high and “six telephone poles” (210 feet) wide.

She rolled down the car windows as she drove because the night was clear and cool. She felt a vibration and heard a “biting wind, a sharp sound and a bang” after the explosion. The “whip of the wind – like a tornado,” she noted.

The Fear Is Gone
The object stopped, and all noise stopped, when it came extremely close to Mrs. Norris. When all was silent, Mrs. Norris no longer felt the fear she had been experiencing. She then got out of the vehicle to get a better view. She found it difficult to process each element, feeling “incredibly happy” and like a child.

The sighting was reported to Pat’s husband Carl Norris when it occurred, but he didn’t realize how significant it was to her until she started researching UFOs and similar topics at her local library, according to Carl.

Mrs. Norris estimated that the sighting lasted five minutes. When the ship arrived, Mrs. Norris was pulled onto an upper deck with a long window which she estimated to be 50 feet long. Through the window, she could see twenty or thirty people walking around as if changing clothes, although they seemed completely unaware of her presence. change.

Behind them was a curved white wall. Instruments were not present. No one seemed to be looking out the window. The creatures had pale complexions and wore white one-piece clothing.

They were, in his estimation, about six feet tall, quite thin, and had bigger breasts than us. They also had a more pronounced crown and no hair.

Ilustração do avistamento baseada nos esboços originais do APRO Bulletin. Clique para ampliar. (Crédito: John MacNeill)

Nothing out of the ordinary drew her attention to his eyes. She was attracted to her because of how gracefully she moved. The environment felt “sterile” in general.

Observed Details
There was an opaque window below the upper deck window. All surroundings were white. This lower window had recessed parts. Colored glass was used.

A door that was below the center of the nave closed from right to left. She noticed portholes and rivets around the ship. She claimed that, when looking into the craft, she could see the portholes.

“Huge I-beams, as if they were assembling ships” and “beams holding the glass there” were among the structures she observed. The bottom side has an upward stagger. She thought the structure looked like a ship or submarine. She stated that it looked like it could have been built on Earth.

The bottom of the nave was composed of one-foot and cross-shaped mirrors. An observation deck with living beings hung at the bottom of the ship.

People were peeking in, unlike the upper deck in this case, and she could hear an “announcement” – more like a growl – coming from the observation deck area above.

According to Mrs. Norris, she doesn’t think the aliens were aware of her presence until they were immediately above her.

Four pipes were installed in boxes measuring four to four feet square and protruding eight to eight feet from the craft, she saw. She thought it “looked like a gun” because they had a hollow end like a tank cannon.

Leaving where it was parked, the craft curved to the south. She claimed she stayed in the woods and never crossed Highway 90 again.

As it moved, it lit up the forest around it and the land below it. He pointed first at the clouds, then at the Earth, with white spotlights and mixing blue, red and white lights on the sides.

Norris headed home, arriving at 1:10 am after the object disappeared from view.

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