Several UFOs Sighted by Azul, TAM and Gol Pilots in the Southern Region of Brazil on 02/06/2023 “Air Defense Announcement”

At 00: 26: 03 (0:10) there were reports from azul 4708, which were confirmed by the pilot of TAM 3408, in the sequence the Curitiba center requests the pilots to register and send the registration to the air defense, 00: 29: 00(3:07) new sightings with description of movement with strong ascent and at 00:30:02(4:09) with description of triangular formation.

At 00:34:36 (8:41) the GOL 2034 pilot also confirms the sightings of the lights, saying that they are the same characteristic of the October 2022 sightings, describing the movement of the objects. 00: 38: 37(12:44), the control asks the pilot of GOL 2034 to report to air defense.

At 00:41:26 (15:32) Azul 4708 reports laser report on final approach, 4.5 miles from threshold.

At 00:41:46(15:51) with the request from Azul 2119 to inform the air defense reports, and also the confirmation from TAM 3408 of sightings of lights over the sea.

At 00:42:44(16:49) asks about estimating where you saw the lights.
Continuing for several times the communication between pilots and control.
At 01:28:00 (1:02:07) there is also confirmation of three pilot lights for Gol 1270, in the sea region.

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