Everyone has a different perspective on the possibility of alien existence and contact with extraterrestrial beings. Some people don’t believe they exist, while others are debatable, and still others are adamantly convinced and constantly ready with their cameras.

The truth is, UFOs have fascinated us for years, with each new flying saucer or report of an enigmatic aircraft in the sky attracting media attention. Whether you’re a believer or a skeptic, you can now report unexplained aerial occurrences on your smartphone using an app.

UFO Sighting App
The goal of Enigma Labs is to become the Wikipedia of UFO reports. Users will be able to report unusual aerial occurrences on their cellphones or via a website, thanks to the launch of an iOS app by the US startup on Tuesday. The software will make it simpler for anyone to report observations of unexplained aerial phenomena, aiding in their classification and organization for UFO researchers.

“Existing traditional data management methods are highly fragmented and non-standard, making it difficult to assess credibility on a large scale,” reads the press release announcing the app’s launch. “The Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Systems from Enigma Labs unify and standardize data through a rational and scientific approach, within a centralized and independent platform.”

Agora você pode denunciar OVNIS através deste aplicativo

Enigma Labs was established at a time when curiosity about UFOs is at an all-time high, the likes of which have not been seen for decades. Recent sightings reported by US Navy “reliable witnesses” have helped to revive interest in the subject. The Pentagon established the All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) last year to investigate the situation.

“I See This Stuff All The Time, Right, On Twitter And YouTube,” Mark Douglas, COO of Enigma Labs, told Vice. “And it’s very difficult to say what may or may not be an individual scenario. And that’s part of why we’re building this platform.”

The idea is that anyone who notices something unusual in the sky can report it using the Enigma Labs app in a uniform manner. A user is asked to answer a series of questions about what they saw when they first opened the app. Before asking the witness for video or pictures of the object and allowing them to finish a message where they can explain the whole story, start with the basics (Where did you see this and how long was it on air?)

The app ends with some standard questions: “I saw (number of objects), they were shaped like (sphere? triangle? square?). At its closest point, the UAP was (from a distance) seen with arms outstretched, it was the size of (coin). It had (floated? moved?) movement”.

The program uses machine learning to examine uploaded images and videos for indications of Photoshop or other types of digital modification. He asks about anything that would help explain what the witness observed, like whether he noticed a smoke trail or whether he lived near an airport. It uses AI to sort the report using the collected data. Researchers using the Enigma Labs API will find the report more visible and “believable” if the score is higher.

“Once we have all this data digitized, standardized and structured in some way, now you can run queries and play with the data,” continues Douglas. “What you’re seeing here, in real time, is one of our engineers writing a query to find all sightings within 100 kilometers of a nuclear facility, and then sorting those sightings by score.”

Enigma Labs claims to have already processed and loaded historical UFO data into its app. The system already has all Project Blue Book reports, all documented UFO sightings over the past 100 years, and the most current sightings by Navy and Air Force personnel. There have been nearly 300,000 reported sightings. The goal now is to encourage app users to submit new sighting reports.

Agora você pode denunciar OVNIS através deste aplicativo

App users can play with the data, but authorized researchers will have access to the API at a higher level and be able to do more with it. Who exactly works at Enigma Labs as researchers?Douglas declined to comment on this matter or the US Department of Defense’s use of it. As a result, some believe the app to be a secret Pentagon mechanism for collecting information from witnesses to UFO encounters. To justify itself, Enigma Labs has stated that one of its main goals is to remove the stigma associated with reporting a UFO sighting.

“The more people who report quality sightings, the better we can bring these people together and get them to corroborate and discuss their experiences. People will be able to relate to each other and form a stronger social bond, reducing the stigma and taboo around the topic”, concludes Douglas.

Sharing personal sightings on social media is a great idea, but you need to use these types of apps and data processing with extreme care as they could end up in the wrong hands and there’s a chance that “Men in Black” could visit you. .

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