Fisherman disappeared at sea 6 months after his return says he was in a reptilian underwater base

A fisherman who disappeared at sea for six months, upon his return, spoke of life in an underwater reptile base. (Video)
We have seen articles written by people who have visited alien bases or space ships. We usually talk about galaxies and distant planets. But this man claims to have been in an alien base on our planet. Jim Martinez is a native of Costa Rica, He has been a fisherman all of his life, working on a fishing boat. At 44, he disappeared without a trace. His fishing boat was found far offshore. Neither Martínez nor his three companions could be located.

It happened in 2006. The family has been told there is no reason to believe he is alive. Still, the family refuses to acknowledge the death of the husband and father of two children. They are correct. Six months later, he returned. He was found in the open sea almost 1,300 kilometers from Costa Rica.

The man survived only due to multiple circumstances. He suffered severe burns from not being protected from the sun’s rays.

When he woke up in the hospital, he found himself in Haiti. How he got there is a mystery to all but Jim Martinez himself.

The Costa Rican contacted his relatives and returned to his house after being released from the hospital two weeks later. There, the man told where he had been missing…

Video with images and full story:

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