ET Panic Time – UFO Investigator Warns They Do Not Come in Peace

There are few UFO researchers in the UK as well-versed in extraterrestrial encounters than Malcolm Robinson – an investigator and author who began as a skeptic and debunker but has become one of the world’s leading authorities on these subjects. Robinson recently made headlines when he revealed in an interview that he believes extraterrestrials vising Earth “have an agenda” … but “I wouldn’t say they are peaceful.” Should we be worried? Does Malcom Robinson know something the rest of us don’t? Let’s find out.

“What is in no doubt, is that the UFO enigma is real, very real, it has been with us throughout time. We see this in Renaissance paintings and old cave paintings, these strange shapes and entities.”

Malcom Robinson tells The Daily Star what he as well as many other UFO investigators have found – this is not a new phenomenon. Robinson says he himself has been investigating them since he was 20 when he “honestly felt that there was no validity to UFOs.” His opinion on UFOs and extraterrestrials changed quickly as he learned enough to inspire him to found Strange Phenomena Investigations in 1979 – now Scotland’s oldest active UFO/Paranormal society with members around the world. his experiences have resulted in Robinson authoring numerous books on UFOs and paranormal subjects, including “UFO Case Files of Scotland,” “The Dechmont Woods UFO Incident, and “The A70 UFO Incident,” as well as others on the Loch Ness monster and ghosts.

They don’t look too friendly.

“[These are] small childlike creatures, about 3 to 4 feet in height with bluey-grey translucent skin, large pear-shaped heads with inky black wrap-around eyes. No sign of any genitalia. These small greys are the most commonly reported entities seen in close proximity to UFOs.”

Robinson has interviewed many UFO and ET witnesses, including a number of them who report being abducted. “The A70 UFO Incident” details Scotland’s first-ever alien abduction – on August 17, 1992, Edinburgh residents Garry Wood and Colin Wright claimed they encountered a two-tiered disc shaped UFO wider than the A70 road they were on. While watching the smooth, black object, they blacked out and were in a daze when they arrived at their destination … one-and-a-half hours later than expected with no recollection of what had happened. On a recent podcast, Robinson recalled that the two men contacted him for help figuring out what had happened. He arranged for the two men two have separate hypnotic regression sessions and their memories matched exactly … and what memories they were!

Wood and Wright claimed their car had been hit by a light and was approached by six humanoid being who put them on stretchers and gave them electric shocks. They were taken to the circular UFO, stripped naked, examined physically, then imprisoned in a glass cell and scanned by a device with a triangular head and two red lights. Both men experienced pain and heard strange noises during the scanning. They estimated there were 20 to 30 beings on the ship and described them as “deformed and extremely ugly” with “what looked like Native American markings below their eyes.” One word they understood the beings saying was “sanctuary.” They claimed when they awoke that stuff from inside the car was scattered on the ground, and the vehicle was covered with a “white crystallization” that remained for weeks.

“Both Garry and Colin are left feeling bemused by what happened to them. Their lives may have changed, but they are still the men they were, albeit with a different perspective on life.”

Despite the men being “bemused,” Robinson was concerned then and is more concerned today about what purpose these aliens – especially the ones making abductions  and examinations like the A70 UFO incident – have in visiting Earth and what kind of response we humans should be prepared to give.

“They have an agenda for sure – we can but speculate.”

If anyone can speculate and offer advice, it would be Malcolm Robinson. He was the chief Investigator into the Bonnybridge UFO sightings in Central Scotland in 1992. Many witnesses saw unidentified lights in the sky over Bonnybridge, and they soon stretched from Stirling to Fife, causing the area to be called the “Falkirk Triangle” and for it to be designated as one of the world’s top UFO hot spots with  an average of around 300 sightings per year. One incident in 1992 involved a mother and daughter who saw a blue light, followed by a UFO landing and a door opening. While police wrote off the sightings as balloons released from a party, investigators like Robinson found that some of the witnesses were police officers and pilots, and some of the UFOs were picked up by radar. However, none have been identified.

“I wouldn’t say they are peaceful, due to the thousands of UFO abductions worldwide.”

One famous abduction Robinson wrote a book about is the Dechmont Woods Encounter or “Taylor Incident.” On November 9, 1979, forestry worker Robert ‘Bob’ Taylor claimed he saw a “flying dome” land on Dechmont Law (a law is a hill) in Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland. He later recounted that two-spiked spheres rolled out towards him and, as he passed out, they grabbed his legs and dragged him onboard. He awoke 20 minutes later looking like he had been assaulted and he remembered a burning smell. Because he came home with torn clothes and injuries on his chin and thighs, the police were brought in and started a criminal investigation. Robinson examined his trousers and said the rips and tears did not look like they were caused by Taylor crawling on the ground. The police went to the sight where Taylor said he was abducted and found something strange — 32 holes in the ground that were about 3.5 inches in diameter, along with what looked like bulldozer tracks. Taylor’s employer said the marks and tracks were not from their equipment, and one police report made many suspect Taylor was telling the truth about a flying disk.

Close encounters of the road kind don’t seem to turn out well.

“These marks just arrived. They did not come from anywhere or go anywhere. They just arrived as though a helicopter or something had landed from the sky.”

“(The marks indicated an) object of several tons had stood there but there was nothing to show that it had been driven or towed away”.

“There appeared to be no rational explanation for these marks.”

The Dechmont Woods Encounter has come to be known as the “only example of an alien sighting becoming the subject of a criminal investigation.” For Malcolm Robinson, they are yet another indication that aliens are not visiting Earth with a peaceful agenda.

“Whilst a large proportion of UFOs can be explained away as having natural explanations, only a few remain, and it is to that small one percent that I and my colleagues worldwide are trying to get to the bottom.”

One final takeaway from his interview with The Daily Star – Robinson seems to believe that most, if not all, of these alien encounters are with small grey aliens of the kind most often depicted in movies and on television. While that may give some comfort to humans over four feet tall that they can survive an encounter, people like Bob Taylor, Garry Wood, Colin Wright … and Malcolm Robinson … disagree, and may have the evidence to prove it.

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