Are black holes alien hard drives? A study affirms it

A study suggests that black holes are, in fact, gigantic quantum hard drives created by extraterrestrials and that the data of the entire existence of the Universe is found in them.
Are black holes black quantum hard drives designed by aliens? Scientists and physicists from the Universities of Munich and the University of Tbilisi believe so. For years, it’s been said that aliens use lasers to communicate with humans, even though we don’t have the technology to detect their signals. While theories of various extraterrestrial civilizations hiding from our eyes are being promoted, with the discovery of new black holes and their terrifying features, many astronomers and physicists are wondering if these black holes are really some kind of alien species spread across the Earth.

Are black holes quantum hard drives designed by aliens?

The hypothesis, which has not yet been proven, but has been published on Arxiv, is said to be a valid answer to the so-called Fermi Paradox, that is, extraterrestrial civilizations have always existed before our eyes, but due to their advanced and complex technology, are currently unknown, was not properly detected, and we did not know it existed. At the same time, the so-called aliens may not have noticed us because they think we are very simple life forms. This research is related to ideas that have been seen before, such as putative extraterrestrial megastructures based on Dyson spheres, which we have told you about in the past.


The study argues that black holes, or at least some of the black holes studied, are gigantic quantum supercomputers developed by extraterrestrial civilizations whose purpose is to store and collect data. Humans, within the limitations of our technology, cannot adequately study or recreate them in the laboratory, so it is beyond our comprehension. For the authors of the study, these black holes are massive structures that could be used as part of a quantum information storage system, so there are massive black holes capable of occupying most of the galactic space. According to the physicists, the aliens would have developed the way to create much larger black holes in order to store much more information, including the possibility that these cosmic phenomena are capable of storing themselves and interacting with the universe through the gravity, comment from BGR.

Black holes would store data like massive quantum-capable hard drives developed by alien civilizations
“Black holes are the most efficient condensers of quantum information. Therefore, it is expected that all sufficiently advanced civilizations will eventually use black holes in their quantum computers,” the scientists and study authors said. According to the report, we will have to investigate black holes as possible sources of technological signals, as has already been done with some planets. “Because of this, extraterrestrial quantum computers will irradiate ordinary particles such as neutrinos and photons within the potential sensitivity range of our detectors,” they comment. “This is a new avenue for extraterrestrial intelligence programs like SETI” as they point to the existence of hidden particles in the universe that interact with our world only through gravity. Could black holes be the key to knowing if we are alone in the universe?

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