Captured on Video a Metallic UFO and Its Companion Seen Over the Arizona Desert

On January 24, 2023 what appears to be a metallic UFO was sighted while hovering over the Arizona desert. the UFO is accompanied by another object that is visible in the distance.

Isn’t it strange that these types of unknown objects can fly through US airspace at seemingly undisturbed low altitudes and not be intercepted and brought down like the Chinese hot air balloon and the other three unknown objects?

Wouldn’t it make sense that these types of objects would also be intercepted and shot down by the US Air Force like the Chinese balloon and the other three unknown objects?

Since many UFOs and UAPs are left alone this not only says a lot about the knowledge that the Pentagon and the US government have about these UFOs and UAPs to make the decision not to shoot down these objects, it also says a lot about the shooting down of other objects, likely indicating that these actions were carried out as part of a secret behind-the-scenes agenda that may not be known to the US government, to file a specific target in the near future.

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