MYSTERY WIRE — Not every UFO is an alien spaceship. Even die-hard UFO investigators say that 90 percent of the things seen and reported as unknowns can be explained as prosaic objects, but some don’t seem to fit into any category.

A Nevada man has been seeing and photographing odd objects in the sky over his home for several years. Some of them look like shapeshifting plastic bags while others look like balloons but don’t act like balloons.

“You can’t have two craft you know, like wind draft patterns coming down, and then almost colliding and then one doing a maneuver bending over,” the man who wanted to only be known as Bob said. “And actually, when you slow it down, you see it bends, it bends over. It’s like they’re interacting.”

George Knapp interviews “Bob” who claims to see and record UFOs all the time over his Las Vegas home. (2005)

Bob had hundreds of photographs and videos of unidentifiable objects in the sky over his home. He said he has 20/10 vision and that helps him see what others might miss.

“They start making aerial maneuvers,” Bob said. “Then they dead stop, and then start up again like they’re searching for something.”

Below is a collection of images taken from Bob’s video. If you want to share your opinion please e-mail us at [email protected]

Colonel John Alexander, a retired Army Intelligence Officer who has a skeptical interest in UFOs watched some of the videos. “UFOs are definitely real,” Alexander said. “What they are, that’s in question.”

When this story originally aired on October 28, 2005, the National Weather Service did launch two weather balloons each day over the Las Vegas Valley.

If you see and/or record an unidentified flying object, you are encouraged to file a report with the Mutual UFO Network, better known as MUFON.