MYSTERY WIRE — In September, 1957, a UFO report in New York state made its way to the White House because of fears it might be a threat from the Soviet Union.

The event is documented by the Intelligence Advisory Committee (IAC).

According to the report, on September 20 an “unidentified flying object was picked up by radar station at Montauk Point, Long Island, New York, at approximately 50,000 feet and a speed of 2,000 knots (approximately 2,300 miles per hour).”

After this radar station tracked the object for a minute another radar station continued the tracking for another 9 minutes. It was at this point, according to the report, “jamming was reported by several radar stations westward as far as Chicago.”

The Watch Committee named in this document is quoted as concluding, “It is highly improbable that a Soviet operation is responsible for the unidentified flying object reports of September, 1957.” But it also did not give an explanation of what the object might have been.

The report is concluded with the following line, “Since the Air Defense Command is still investigating this report, further information will be reported as a more conclusive evaluation can be made.”

This report is just one of hundreds included in files released by the FBI involving UFO sightings. The entire collection of more than 1,600 pages is available now on the Mystery Wire Documents page.